Central nervous system can be impacted by hundreds of neurological conditions and affect muscle control, balance, flexibility, walking, muscle function, spasticity, and pain. And physiotherapy comes to aid for treating these neurological conditions.

If there any damage to central nervous system, like spinal cord or brain, the messages passed from your brain does not reach the affected body parts. The leads to uncoordinated movement, numbness, weak muscles, loss of movement, and spasms or twitches. Physical therapy for neurological impairments need personal, direct approach. At Advance Care Physical Therapy, we work with patients towards neurological rehabilitation and improvement of muscle use and freedom.

The physiotherapy treatment plan is designed as per individual cases along with consultation with your physician. And for progressive neurological conditions, we provide treatments for any stage.

During neurological impairment physiotherapy sessions, our physiotherapists perform manual manipulation and massage therapy for stimulating the muscles, promoting relaxation, and enhancing circulation to particular body areas. Also, mobility aids are advised in order to help you move around easily.

Physiotherapy for neurological conditions requires patients to complete exercises between sessions. These exercises may vary from light to robust as per the patient’s recovery goals. Proper physical activity is a must when it comes to gaining strength and reinstating flexibility, while giving you different mental benefits also. We work to set you free from the limitations forced by neurological conditions.

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