Auto accidents injuries are awfully stressful and painful, and the effects come to hinder everyday life and progress over the time. It is very much crucial to initiate care for auto accident injuries as early as possible and follow best suitable treatment. Our expert, at Advance Care Physical Therapy, suggest best care options to relieve acute pain and also render permanent relief in the long run.

Our therapists carry out thorough examination of your motor vehicle injuries, gather information including your medical history, accident type and severity, and other types of ongoing treatments. And according to this analysis, they conclude what treatments, modalities and exercises would help with your healing.

We provide

  • Acute treatments including manual therapies (manipulations, light pumping exercises, strain-counterstrain, and/or microcurrent;
  • Long term treatments (manual therapies and/or particular strengthening exercises for decreasing long term discomfort).

  • Active treatment including posture control, physical therapy evaluation, strengthening exercises, neck rotation & pumping exercises

Whether your auto accident injury is pertaining to joints, muscles, neurological, whiplash or vestibular-ocular, we function towards treating you quickly and efficiently.

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