Preventive care has become a critical aspect of today’s healthcare system, and physiotherapy plays a significant role in health and wellness improvement. In general scenario, physiotherapy is thought of as illness rehabilitative or post-injury therapy. But aside from general use of physiotherapy in rehabilitation plan, a number of people (athletes, office workers and players) use physiotherapy consultations and treatment techniques for preventing injuries, enhancing and improving their sport and preventing future physical dysfunction possibilities.

  • Metabolic Balance
  • Falls Prevention
  • Injury Prevention
  • Sport Specific Conditioning
  • Cardiovascular Exercise Programs
  • Weight/Diabetes Management Programs
  • General Surgery Pre-operative Rehabilitation
  • Prevention and Management of Workplace Injury
  • Functional Assessment, Testing & Exercise Program Design

  • Pre-operative Rehabilitation of Joint Replacement / Reconstruction Surgery
  • To help you get stay active and healthy, we provide Preventive Health Services including

Preventive care therapies help in pain management, muscle girth development, prevent deterioration and help maintenance of deformation which has already happened. It stands as a long-term journey but comes with enormous daily health benefits.

Preventive physiotherapy interventions comprise of core and low back endurance exercises, particular trainings, patient-specific consultations, back pain education & awareness, and behavioral therapy. Physiotherapy-related stretches, warm-up routines and daily exercises lead to performance and durability improve, reduction in possibility of injury occurrence and time-off from injuries after they occur.

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