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Chronic Lower Back Pain

With fast moving lives and much stress to deal with, there’s often no time to take care of your own self; as a result, problems like low back pain have become very common. Doing activities like lifting the wrong way, bad sitting posture, bending from your waist too often and such can lead to back pain. Back pain, if stays for more than three months, it turns chronic; which if untreated properly can lead to spine problems and inability to carry out normal life activities after a while. Back pain symptoms include dull ache or stabbing or shooting sensation. Severe back pain comes up suddenly and makes it difficult to move, stand straight or carry out normal life activities. Chronic low back pain can be treated through different methods like Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Stretching, Exercises and more.

There are various chronic conditions that can result in low back pain such as -

  • Spinal stenosis – it involves narrowing of space in your spinal cord, which exerts pressure upon spinal nerves. 
  • Spondylitis – it indicates stiffness and chronic back pain due to severe inflammation in spinal joints.
  • Fibromyalgia -  it leads to widespread muscle aches, with back pain.

While one can find different medicines, but one of the most effective solutions is physical therapy. With so many physical therapy centers established today, you can easily get proper support to improve and even completely get rid of lower back pain. For those looking for a suitable physiotherapy center in East Brunswick / Milltown, can get in touch with doctor at Advance Care Physical Therapy at Ryders Lane, Milltown NJ.

The physiotherapist at ACPT, have compassion for patients and maintain accuracy in assessing patient’s problems. Different treatment methods, suitable as per individual condition, are applied so as to provide best treatment results. The Physiotherapy center for chronic low back pain in Milltown has all the modern technology and is well quipped to provide best care. Here, the doctor works with patients to understand their issues, work life routine, the level of problem, and accordingly suggest the best measure for pain relieving.

Renowned as one of the Middlesex County's leading Physical Therapy Center, ACPT effectively take care of back pain, sports & work injuries, pediatric injuries, spine & extremities, preventive care and even more types of physiotherapy treatments. 

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