To deliver services of superior expertise, offer outstanding quality and provide highly personalized treatments sessions that are specifically designed for the needs of our clients.

We intend to fulfill this mission by giving the utmost attention to each client, meeting and exceeding the client’s expectations, providing innovative and professional treatment, superior commitment and client satisfaction.

Advanced Care Physical Therapy Center in East Brunswick / Milltown is a Middlesex County’s leading Physical Therapy Center. Our primary focus is to restore function and improve your quality of life through caring, skillful, and personalized applications of exemplary Physical Therapy services for clients of all ages.
We are experts in offering one-on-one physical therapy for individuals with orthopedic and spine injury. Our hands-on Physical Therapy techniques, programs, and equipment will promote a fast recovery and full return to peak performance.
If you are limited by pain or injury, we can help. Our facilities, expertise, and commitment will help restore the quality of life you desire faster and better than any other clinic.
Don’t put it off any longer. The more you wait the more serious your problem may become.

At Advanced Care Physical Therapy in Milltown / East Brunswick, we understand what it’s like to be injured, and that time is an issue—both finding the time to complete a therapy program and the time it takes to heal an injury. We use contemporary techniques to efficiently and effectively return you to your life. We recognize your pain is unique, and your treatment plan will be too.

Our expert approach to physical therapy involves:


At Advanced Care Physical Therapy, we believe in a one-on-one approach, incorporating hands-on care. Our patients receive vital personal attention from highly-trained professionals who understand and utilize the latest physical therapy techniques and treatments. At Advanced Care Physical Therapy, we treat you like a neighbor, not just a number.


At Advanced Care Physical Therapy, we keep you informed and make sure you understand your treatment plan objectives and methods. We listen to your needs and address your concerns every step of the way.


Whether you suffer from a traumatic injury or a degenerative condition, Advanced Care’s physical therapists provide the treatment you need to reach your optimal functioning.


An integral part of our process is consistent and periodic assessments of our clients’ progress. We take detailed notes and are very thorough in our evaluations to enable you to reach your improvement goals.

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